Loan repayment and calculate loan


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Why doesn’t repayment of the loan reduces income?

Why doesn

But if I assume that the taxable amount amounts to approximately the income and expenses within a year, I wonder why only the interest on the loan, but not the repayment, is calculated as an expense. Why does a company have to pay taxes when no profit has been made? Did you record the loan payment as income?

In that case, you can probably stop redemption. If not, why should you be able to use it twice by deducting the installment paid on the loan and then deducting the repayment again? The photovoltaic bill is then deducted twice. First: The loan payment is not considered income!

On the other hand, it is not possible to deduct the loan installments (repayment) as operating expenses, since the financed systems (PV systems) are already used as operating expenses as part of the depreciation! The interest, however, is an operating expense because the loan was used to finance the asset. If you had now deducted the principal from the loan every year, you would have received double the amount of your investment in VAT to reduce your profit.

The loan interest is deductible

The loan interest is deductible

Indeed, it is difficult to digest that a company has to pay investment taxes. The coal is gone – and he should become a taxpayer out of the till. To do this, he has to take out a loan – and there is also a rule that interest payments should not be deductible.

You have already understood the basic problem correctly. b) The loan payment is not an operating income/income; and in return, the repayment is not an operating expense/expense. Who else would you pay tax for, apart from the stupid employees and the self-employed without large assets? The fact that some states or island countries do not charge corporate profits at all is not a coincidence, but a prerequisite for the madness of financing the reduction in the government credit ratio.

To do this, she has to conclude a loan contract – and then there is the rule that the interest must not be deductible. The interest is deductible, it is about redemption! Interest on borrowed capital is in principle eligible. As a result, paying for investment will result in debt interest being charged at all; and the low result of one year (with the same cost of living) forces you to make payments.

Now the interest on the debt is no longer deductible. One can still complain that as an entrepreneur you take a risk through innovations, create jobs, accept your own restrictions – and then also pay taxes on them. It is true that you can usually deduct all fees. This includes all expenses attributable to the plant such as insurance, procurement costs (notary, cadastre, discount or closing fee, etc.), maintenance costs, etc.

Interest on borrowed capital is also to be granted


Those who think about it are like salvation. Ideally, the repayment is the same as the depreciation, then your tax return is synonymous with your actual income and expenses. Now the fewest loans for PV systems will expire for 20 years. This means that the interest rate falls and the repayment increases.

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