How to get the most out of your Mortgage Credit?

Buying your own home is undoubtedly the dream of hundreds of families and, in turn, a basic need that unfortunately is not always met. That is why some choose to request a Mortgage Credit, which is obtained from the bank that analyzes some factors such as income, credit history, seniority, amount of money saved, etc. Today, this loan has become the “star” of banks, and its processing is quick once all the documentation is presented.


The first thing you need is to complete the bank pre-approval request

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Which in simple words would be the examination or analysis carried out by the company relating various aspects before accepting or not the loan request. It is necessary to present: photocopy of the document of the applicant and spouse, accreditation of marital status, receipt of assets from the last six months and have a bank account.

Once you have pre-approval, the next step is to receive a certificate that accredits it. This has a validity of no more than 3 months. So, what continues is to formalize the purchase, that is, you have to complete the promise of sale and purchase, the step prior to writing.


You can start some actions before obtaining the promise

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To advance time. The Bank will be in charge of asking you for more information about the property, especially everything related to its background. Here it is important that you have a good property broker, who will take care of everything you cannot: titles, liens, registrations, domains, etc. Upon completing the operation, within a period of less than 15 days the bank registers the Mortgage Credit letters for the transaction. The most common forms of financing are:

  • Mortgage Credit Letters: issued by banks to finance the acquisition or construction of homes. They are readjusted according to fixed units of interest.
  • Endorsable mortgage mutuals: it is documented in a public deed, has a real estate guarantee and is granted to natural or legal persons.
  • Mortgage loan with own resources: it can be with fixed or mixed rates. It usually finances 100% of the value of the home.

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